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Freedom Rings Worldwide

To: Journalists, Bloggers, Independent Press Media

united states of America, 14 February 2013.

This series of “Freedom Rings Worldwide” by ©Louis IV of Manley, R.B.A.
See for yourself…This COULD be it, the freedom you’ve been looking for! It appears to have most all of the elements for this New Paradigm Shift!! ? Time will tell… Great 2 minute overview here:

20 Reasons to OPPT in to One People’s Public Trust, a short history lesson…here to help you see what all the excitement is about (7 minute overview of Peoples Trust1776:


In national / international law, NO REBUTTAL
= Maxim in Law: “Silence is Acquiescence.” These public filings are for public use nationally and internationally. “They” remained silent to allegations of Murder, Treason, Money laundering, running global private economic slave systems with fraudulent private banking and various other civil & criminal accusations – ALL  NON-ANSWERED & UNREBUTTED!
THIS, freedom creating documentation has been done for you & me; as a man, or as a woman, and for our children of the Creator.
We the people – are reclaiming our freedom.
The big bankers are getting their ninja wake up call.
Here is the actual documented evidence of public record filings, very legalese. This site is admittedly mainly the required public depository, not necessarily the simple overview for most to understand what all this means legally.
Peoples Trust 1776
The above link has copies of documents you can download and read yourself, the evidence. Shift is happening.
SUMMARY: … you see,
Apparently a legal claim has been made on various corporate bodies (along with certain branches of Corporations posing as quasi-governments), accusing them of treason, murder, and thievery (something they’ve been doing for generations and getting away with) well people are fed up and tired and even the Rothschild (big banker family) have been directly notified that things aren’t going to continue on like this. Believe it or not everything operates under the UCC (even churches). America is one big corporate business and the people are profits. For more info click the following link. USAvsUS
THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and The United States of America are two different representative bodies and we all operate under the corporate flag. Anywho there was a filing under the UCC that several corporate bodies have been forclosed upon and no longer exists. So if you owe ‘debt’ as they say make sure before paying it off you know whether that corporate body making a claim on you has the right to do so.

Stay tuned for updates.
Published on Feb 9, 2013
Host Santos Bonacci conducts a discussion with guests about the One Peoples Public Trust, a legal ruling that has been implemented and has the potential to free humanity from financial slavery and provide abundance for all.
Discussed are the history of the Trust, what it is, what the implications are and how people can make use of it.
Audio  mp3:  1:30:28  here:!
More info at and
See also: http://oppttheunfoldingstory.wordpres… &…
OPPT Trustee web site:

Judge Dale on the UCC filings, and further info

I asked Judge Dale to please take a moment and review the UCC filings we  have been posting from The People’s Trust and to give us his comments on them in simple language for my readers.  This is his response(s)- I added one small note, which is in this colour purple.
Dear Dee,

This is basically an:  ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS TO ESTABLISH A FOREIGN JUDGMENT visa vie the UCC [UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE] against all corporations and corporate agents claiming to have standing; authority and jurisdiction over a Sovereign American National of the Republic.  The process also establishes damages against those entities for actions taken without establishing proof of implementing regulations and their standing; authority and jurisdiction.

The Administrative Process is the root of the legal deposition process wherein questions are asked of the plaintiff; defendant and witnesses under oath and all proof expected to be presented at trial is challenged.  Concessions are made and acknowledged, so that the only matters actually tried, are the matters or issues that could not be resolved by the deposition process.

It is virtually impossible for any corporate government agent or agency to respond to this UCC process regarding implementing regulations and their lawful standing; authority and jurisdiction.

***  in order to fight against these “foreclosures” first the Governments would have to PROVE that they are NOT Corporations, which they can not do- they cannot go against these filings because to do so would actually PROVE that they ARE Corporations!***

The Delegates to the Federal Convention specifically voted against granting the Federal Government the power and authority to create corporations, upon the motion of James Madison [See: James Madison Journal of the Federal Convention, Vol.2, page 722]. Therefore, all government corporations, agents and agencies created by our representatives is a usurpation of power and subsequently is unconstitutional.  

Only [WE THE PEOPLE] can amend our Constitution.  Whenever our representatives act outside their authority, we need to notify them and then ignore their acts as lawful and continue forward with our Republic!


UCC = Uniform Commercial Code [notice to the world]

Wet Ink Signatures = prevents computer documentation

Implementing Regulations = a constitutional published law

Security Financing Statement = establishing you as a responsible

individual as opposed to a corporate entity

Nunc Pro Tunc = meaning now for then 

PS/ The term FOREIGN means that they are foreign to us and we are foreign to them.  A Foreign Judgment is a judgment created without benefit of a Trial.  The Courts have become extremely difficult about accepting these Judgments.  

First they require three [3] seals on the Judgment and in many States, the Clerks are directed to present these filings to the President Judge of the County for review before recording them, but his review never comes or the P.Judge denies the filing and instructs the plaintiff to bring a suit before the Court for trial, if they want to secure a judgment!

The UCC Clerks in most States will not record the FINANCING STATEMENT if you do not file it as a Corporate Entity!  But you are not bound to use the State Office where you live!  So far, the State of Washington is still doing everything above board and you can file your documents there.  Once filed, no State Office or Court can refuse to accept a certified copy of a Financing Statement that is already in the system.


People in foreclosure and living in a warranted State can rebuke the process by filing proof that the corporate Bank; agents; agencies involved have defaulted in proving their standing; authority and jurisdiction.

Some States are warrantless, which permits the Bank to by-pass the Court to foreclose. This complicates the process for many. I provided recourse for these individuals in PART 5 of my Expose’ but I failed to include specifics.

Judge Dale’s Expose can be read HERE

Thank you for reading this. Please come back for updates and if you agree, this info is worth shouting about...please help spread the word.
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